The Legal Status of 1cP-LSD: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to Primal Focus, your reliable source for 1cP-LSD microdose pellets & microdosing truffles. We are dedicated to providing you with vital insights into the legal status of 1cP-LSD and the regulatory framework governing its distribution globally.

Legal Status in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, 1cP-LSD microdose pellets are currently legal. They can be manufactured, traded, and sold without encountering legal obstacles. These pellets are considered within the realm of research chemicals and can be legally sold for research purposes as long as they comply with safety standards and regulations.

International Legal Framework

It is important to know that we are not responsible for determining whether our products are legal in your country or not. To still give you a helping hand, we have compiled the following lists. We update these lists at least annually.

1. Legal status of 1cP-LSD in the EU.

For the EU, 1cP-LSD can theoretically be sent to any EU country under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Agreement.

However, we have chosen not to send our 1cP-LSD pellets to countries where 1cP-LSD is controlled to mitigate risks. Therefore we don’t ship our 1cP-LSD pellets to Germany, Hungary, Italy and Latvia.

To ascertain the legal status of 1cP-LSD in the majority of EU countries, we kindly direct your attention to this document. This resource maintains an up-to-date record of 1cP-LSD’s legal status in each country and undergoes annual updates.

2. Legal status of 1cP-LSD in other countries
For other countries, we have prepared a document in which we keep track of the legality for countries to which we frequently ship. We have also included countries where we know that 1cP-LSD is controlled.


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