Microdosing psychedelics is becoming increasingly popular.

Microdosing LSD and Psilocybin to boost creativity, productivity, and mood is a growing trend. Yet, LSD’s status as a controlled substance keeps it illegal for purchase and sale, despite studies proving its non-addictive nature and safety, even at high doses. Unfortunately, LSD remains in the black market, raising concerns about its composition and quality. Additionally, safety and efficacy information on microdosing is limited.

microdosing truffles Primal Focus

Our Vision

At Primal Focus, we believe that psychedelics have the potential to bring about positive changes in the world. We strongly believe that the benefits of microdosing can greatly assist individuals in creating a better and healthier future.

Our Mission

We aim to make microdosing accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. That’s why we offer professionally produced microdose tablets of LSD derivatives that you can safely and legally order. Furthermore, we take advantage of the fact that psilocybin truffles are completely legal in the Netherlands, allowing us to ship them to most EU countries.

''I aspire to generate greater awareness regarding the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics and microdosing with them. In addition I aim to contribute to destigmatizing psychedelics and hope that microdosing can be as helpful for others as it has been for me.''

Founder & CEO


Buy products for microdosing and macrodosing.


Buy products for microdosing and macrodosing.



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